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Menu Bar

The Menu bar on the Home page, provides an easy-to-use device management interface to manage large numbers of Poly endpoints worldwide.

Menu ItemDescription
POLY LENSBrings you back to the Home page.
ManageOpens the Manage menu for device options.
- Inventory - Provides access to the device inventory so you can view and configure registered devices.
- Actions - Provides access to address proposed device actions.
- Policies - Enables you to provision a group of devices with a single policy per Device Model, Device Group, Site, Device User Group, or Individual Device.
- Licensing - Enables you to create and Manage your Poly Lens licenses.
- Resource Files - Enables you to upload and link resource files into configurations.
- Sites - Enables you to locate and manage your devices by the Site location.
- Rooms - Enables you to locate and manage your devices by Room.
- Device Groups - Enables you to create functional Groups to manage devices logically.
- Device Users - Provides access to Device Users and Device User Groups connected through Poly Lens Desktop.
- Software Versions - Download Poly device software or Poly Lens application software for offline use and on-premises device management tools.
- Register Device - Enables you to register a new device into Poly Lens.
InsightsOpens the Insights menu for device options.
- Priority - Informs you of trends to improve efficiencies and usage.
- Reports - Creates Reports for Call Records and Acoustic Events.
- Dashboard - Is a Poly Premium feature. Unlock an interactive dashboard with insights into emerging trends in meeting behaviors and room utilization.
ACCOUNTProvides the option to quickly open an Account and Manage All Accounts page. See Account Menu for detailed information.
Search Search iconEnables you to search for a device in the opened Account. Select the search icon and the Search field fully displays. Enter your device parameters and select Enter. You can search by device name, MAC address, room, device model, site, serial number, private IP, and software version. Note: A partial search by serial number from the beginning/end is supported, however not from the middle.
Support Menu Support Menu icon on the menubarProvides links to support links that can assist you with any questions you may have, or issues you may need to resolve.
Device Support - Links directly to Poly Support portal.
Lens Help - Opens the Poly Lens Help landing page where you can browse through or search for specific information on the configuration and use of Poly Lens.
Admin MenuProvides links to basic administrative actions, Advanced Tools and the Integrations feature. Select the Account menu icon Admin menu icon to open the menu. See Admin Menu for detailed information.