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My Profile

The My Profile page displays information and actions of the logged in user. To access this page, select Account menu icon > <Member Name>.


Member NameName of the Member that is logged into Poly Lens.
StatusThe current status of this Member in this account (Enabled/Disabled).
EmailThe email that was used to invite this Member to this account.
Last Sign InThe last date that the Member signed into this account.
First Sign InThe date that the Member first signed into this account.
Session CountThe number of sessions this Member has initiated in this account.


The Permissions section lists each Account this member is associated with, and the assigned Role in the Account.


Default Inventory View Preference

To set the Inventory View to initially open in either the Map or List view:

  1. Select the Account menu icon Account menu icon > <Member Name>.
  2. Select the Settings side-tab.
  3. Select the Default Inventory View.
    • List View - Displays the devices in the Inventory in a list.
    • Map View - Displays the devices in the Inventory in a graphical map view.
  4. The setting is applied immediately, and will open in the selected view in the following sessions.


This feature requires Poly+
For more information on Poly+, see Premium Poly Lens Features Included with Poly+ Enterprise and Poly+.

As an Admin you can set up your Notification Center to deliver notices from Poly Lens, that will assist you in monitoring the Poly Lens network of devices. Setting up the Notification from your User Profile, allows you to have a custom list of recipients (i.e. members of a team) where you are able to customize the list. See Notification Configuration by User for detailed information.