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Device Users - User Information

The Overview section of the Device Users feature provides all the user information and their associated Personal Devices through Poly Lens Desktop/Mobile at a glance. Allowing you to successfully manage the devices associated with a Poly Lens App (Poly Lens Desktop or Poly Lens Mobile).

To navigate to this page, go to Manage > Device Users > Users. Select a Device User from the list.

User Information

StatusDisplays the version of Poly Lens Desktop, and the connected device status.
DesktopDisplays the of Poly Lens Desktop Device information and when it was last detected, along with the version.
MobileDisplays the of Poly Lens Mobile Device information, Mobile type (Android) and version, when last detected, along with the Lens Mobile version.

Associated Devices

All the devices listed under Associated Devices will now be listed on the Device Inventory page. Note: You can filter devices that are associated through Poly Lens Desktop or Poly Lens Mobile with the Device Model filter.

Green/Red iconIndicates if the device is Green dot icon icon Online, or Red dot icon icon Offline.
ClientDisplays the client that the devices are connected through.
Desktop: User is connected through the Poly Lens Desktop app.
Mobile: User is connected through the Poly Lens Mobile app.
Device NameModel name of the Device. Note: This name is a link to the Device Inventory > Details page for this device.
Last DetectedThe last date that Poly Lens connected with the Device.
SiteThe site location of the device.
Software VersionDisplays if the device software version is up to date.

Manage a Device

Poly Personal Devices (USB/BT) can be managed in 2 ways:

  • The Device User can manage these devices directly through the app (Poly Lens Desktop or Poly Lens Mobile).
  • A Poly Lens admin can manage these devices through Poly Lens
    Note: This method will override the settings through the app.

To Manage Personal Device Through Poly Lens

Before you can manage personal devices through Poly Lens, the following is required:

  • Devices must be connected to the app (Poly Lens Desktop or Poly Lens Mobile).
  • Devices must be displayed on the Poly Lens Inventory page. Note: In the Device Model field, Lens Desktop or Lens Mobile is listed.