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Admin Menu

The Admin menu Account menu icon icon is located in the top-right corner of the Poly Lens menu bar. This menu provides links to the following features and information.

Menu ItemDescription
<Member Name>Opens the My Profile page, which displays your status, email, and sign in information. See My Profile for additional information.
What's NewOpens the Poly Lens What's New blog, that posts announcements of new functions and features.
Advanced ToolsOpens the link to the Import, Export, and Migration Tools configuration page. See Import. Export, and Migrate for detailed information.
IntegrationsOpens the link to the Integrations configuration page. See Integrations for detailed information.
HP WEXThis is a link to HP Workforce Experience Platform. This HP site provides information and links to HP solutions.
About Poly LensDisplays the copyright, terms of service, and the Poly Lens privacy statement.
Sign OutLogs you out of Poly Lens and brings you to the Log In page.
Light & Dark ThemeSelects the Light Sun icon or Dark Moon icon theme for the Poly Lens user interface.