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Room Troubleshooting

To assist you in troubleshooting setting up a Poly Lens Room.

Issue installing or starting the Lens Room App?

  • Make sure to review the Port and Protocol requirements to assure the Poly Lens Room App can load and communicate with the Poly Lens cloud.

Issue with the Lens Room App not starting and is stuck on a connecting page

  1. Go to your Task Manager.
  2. Select More Details at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select the Services tab.
  4. Navigate to Poly Lens Control Service and verify it is running.
    If it has stopped, right-click on the Poly Lens Control Service Status and select Start.
  5. Revisit your Poly Lens Room App and confirm the Poly Lens Room App home page displays.

Issue retrieving a PIN and the application says it has timed out

  1. Verify you are not connected to a VPN.
  2. If you are not connected, or no longer connected to a VPN, retry the PIN Onboarding.

Issue onboarding your Microsoft Teams Room with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

  1. Error Authenticating: Error opening popup window.
    • Allow popups through your browser
    • Try using a different browser
  2. There was an error loading the data: [GraphQL] User is not associated with provided Microsoft Tenant ID
    • Log in to the Lens tenant (Account) with the same Microsoft credentials that you will use to approve the integration
    • There was an error loading the data: [GraphQL] Microsoft tenant already claimed by another Lens tenant (Account)
      Note: You would see this if you successfully integrated before, but then tried to integrate again using a different set of credentials belonging to a different O365 tenant.

How to Retrieve Logs

  1. Using the administrator log-in on your Microsoft Teams Room on Windows PC, navigate to the C drive (Windows (C:) > Program Files > Poly).
  2. Select the Lens Control Service and Lens Room folders for logs.