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Onboard Troubleshooting

The following items are Onboarding (adding a device) troubleshooting tips.

If the QR code disappears (displays for 30 seconds), you can:

  • Obtain the PIN from the system web interface of the device, under Servers > Cloud.
  • Restart the device, to display the QR code again.

If the PIN does not display on the device, check the Registration Status code:

  • Online - The device is already onboarded but may be to an account or an environment you are not using or even have access to.
  • Not Registered - Is a code your device shouldn’t give. Reboot the device to generate a fresh PIN.
  • Not Connected - May mean that you do not have a primary network and you need to plug an actual cable in instead of using Wi-Fi alone. Check that you have a primary network config and IP.
  • Blank field - A blank field suggests that the device is not on a build that supports cloud registration to products such as Poly Lens. Verify that the device is running 3.2 or higher.
  • PIN with more than 6 characters - A PIN that has more than six characters suggests this is an older build that supported onboarding to the Orion platform. In this case, upgrade to Poly VideoOS 3.0.1 or higher.