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Loginless - Client Tokens

The following is an important part of configuring the Loginless feature.

The Poly Lens Desktop Experience with Loginless

With the Loginless feature, the Poly Lens Desktop App opens in a minimized mode (no login or EULA approval) and opens directly to the Home page. The Account that the Client Token was created in, will be the Account the user will be associated with.
Note: The current settings on Loginless can be verified in Poly Lens Desktop at Settings > General.

Integrations Client Tokens

The Integrations Client Tokens option authenticates your Loginless Desktop applications instance.

To Create a Client Token

  1. Go to the ACCOUNT menu > Manage All Accounts.
  2. Select an Account from the list.
  3. Select Integrations > Client Tokens from the side tabs.
  4. Select I agree to the Poly End User License Agreement and select Confirm.
    This is required before you can start using Client Tokens. Select the link to review the Agreement.
  5. Select Create Client Token, if this is your first Client Token.
    Select Add New to add additional Tokens.
  6. Enter a Client Token Name and select Create.
  7. The Client Token will display on the Integrations Client Tokens list ready to be used to create a Loginless configuration.

Loginless Configuration with Poly Lens Desktop App

Poly Lens provides a token that the customer use when installing the Poly Lens Desktop app. The application installer will take this token on the command line using a command line switch.

  1. Go to the ACCOUNT menu > Manage All Accounts.
  2. Select an Account from the list.
  3. Select Integrations > Client Tokens from the side tabs.
  4. Locate the Client Token to apply from the list.
  5. Hover over the Eye icon and select the Copy to clipboard icon.
  6. This parameter can be inserted in the MSI installer for the Poly Lens Desktop App installation.
    a. Open a command prompt.
    b. Paste the copied Client Token at the following:
    C:\Windows\system32>cd C:\LENS_DESKTOP\lensdesktop\release C:\LENS_DESKTOP\lensdesktop\release>msiexec /i PolyLens.msi /l*v log.log TENANTTOKEN= Paste Token Here
    Loginless Client Token displaying the command in a command prompt as directed above
  7. Once the Loginless installation is configured, this parameter is stored in the Windows registry. The Poly Lens Desktop application will use this token on startup and logs in the user to the correct Account.

Poly Lens Desktop Super User and Machine-Wide Installations

By default the Poly Lens Desktop App only installs under a User profile. To enable a Machine-Wide Installation, see the following:

msiexec /i "<poly_lens_client_msi>" /l*v log.log /q ALLUSERS=1 TENANTTOKEN=<tenant_token> Loggin enabled<br />

msiexec /i "<poly_lens_client_msi>" /q ALLUSERS=1 TENANTTOKEN=<tenant_token>

Note: For more information about the ALLUSERS parameter, please see Microsoft Documentation.

Auto Accept EULA Feature

By default, Poly Lens Desktop with Loginless does not prompt end-users to accept the Poly End User License Agreement (EULA). Admins accept the EULA on behalf of their end-users when first creating a Client Token.

If your organization requires that end-users accept the EULA, add the additional parameter ACCEPTEULA=1.

Command prompt displaying the additional parameter ACCEPTEULA=1 added to the initial installation command

This parameter tells the Poly Lens Desktop App to start with the Accept the EULA page before opening the app.

Graphic of the I agree to the Poly End User License Agreement window

Note: Regardless of deployment type, the Poly Lens EULA link is available on the bottom of the client Settings page.

Lens Desktop Settings page displaying the EULA message at bottom

Disable or Enable Lens Desktop from Sending Telemetry and User Information

The following flags give admin control to enable and disable sending of Telemetry and User Information to the cloud.

  1. The following flags can be added to the msiexec /i PolyLens.msi NOUSERINFO=1 command:
    = 0 send event on cloud
    = 1 stop sending info about user on cloud
    no parameter in installation command -> work as it is now

Command prompt displaying the flag to enable or disable Telemetry or User Information being sent to Poly Lens cloud

  1. Once complete, the flag is applied and the Account Lens Desktop Details page and the Lens Desktop Devices page will reflect this change.