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Priority Insights

The Priority Insights newsfeed has logic that allows you to quickly identify and prioritize actionable insights without having to hunt through raw data. Each insight provides the number of devices, location, date, and a brief summary. Clicking on the insight displays the Details of the insight.

Depending on the insight, the Details page provides a range of valuable information:

  • Breakdown of the current insight
  • Trending (up/down)
  • Previous week's information
  • Similar Priority Insights

All Insights

The All tab displays all of the current Insights for this account. They are displayed in the following groups.
Note: To display each of these groups, select the group tab at the top of the page.


The Device Insights are specific to the devices in the current account.

Device Insights

Call use (minutes/day)Total time devices were in a call.
Devices in usePercent of devices with one or more calls in the last week.
Devices not in usePercent of online devices with no calls for more than one week.
Devices offlinePercent of devices that are not connected to the network.
Devices out-of-servicePercent of devices that have been offline for more than one week.


The Room Insights are specific for a Room or Space on an Account.

Room Insights

Room Insights is a Poly Lens Premium Poly Premiere icon feature enabled by Poly+ Enterprise. To learn more about this service, see Poly+ Enterprise.

InsightDescriptionRequires Office 365 Calendar
or One Touch Dial (OTD)
Average meeting headcountAverage number of people in a room during a meeting. 
Meeting that ran longMeetings that ended after the scheduled time.X
Meeting that started lateMeetings that started after the scheduled time.X
Meeting that were unscheduledMeetings that occurred in the room without being scheduled.X
Rooms scheduled, but emptyScheduled meetings that were unattended.X
Rooms scheduled in a series, but emptyRepeating scheduled meetings that were unattended.X
Room use (minutes/day)Total time of room use, with at least one person in the room.