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Inventory Versions

Insight Reports provides a method to define parameters and gather data from the devices in your Account.

The Inventory Versions Report provides the firmware/software versions across all Poly supported devices (video and headsets).

Grouping Options

The following Grouping filters, defines how the software and firmware version status is displayed.

  • Clear Filter
  • Device Model
  • Site
  • Device User Group
  • Device Group

Create a Report

  1. Go to the ACCOUNT menu > Manage Accounts.
  2. Select an Account from the list.
  3. Select Insights > Reports.
  4. Select Inventory Versions from the side tab.
  5. Set the Grouping from the drop-down menu. Note: Default setting for Grouping is No filter, which displays all devices in the Account.
  6. To display specific information on a Group listed, select the title/link and the table will display the details.
    Hover over any of the graph bars on the table and information specific to the devices in that Group will display.

Insights Reports Inventory Versions chart