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Call Details

Insight Reports provides a method to define parameters and gather data from the devices in your Account.

The Call Details Report provides a list of calls made by devices in your Inventory. This report refreshes hourly. Use the Date filter to narrow down your view to calls that started within a defined date range or switch the time zone with the toggle provided.

Create a Report

  1. Go to the ACCOUNT menu > Manage All Accounts.
  2. Select an Account from the list.
  3. Select Insights > Reports.
  4. Select Call Details from the side tab.
  5. Set the Date Range to collect data.
  6. Select the Time setting ("your local time zone" or UTC).
    Note: The time setting button will display the abbreviation for your local time zone (MT, CT, etc.).
  7. The Call Details information will display in the list.
  8. To open the Detailed information gathered on each Call Record, select the information icon Information popup icon associated with the Device in the list.
    Note: Quality data is only available for Poly VideoOS devices in Poly Mode.

For detailed information on managing the Call Record list, see List Management.