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List Management

Here we will cover how to manage the dynamic lists in Poly Lens.

There are many lists in Poly Lens (inventory, device users, sites, etc.), these lists are able to be filtered, sorted, and searched. A new option on lists throughout Poly Lens, is new configurable options (hide and re-order columns), resulting in a list that is the best solution for your needs.

Many of the lists have more columns than others, but the use of the lists are the same. The Inventory list of of Devices is the most complicated, and will be used below as an example of the basic features listed below.

Linked Name

The linked name, indicated in blue, will link to the associated details page (account, account member, device, device user, room, or site). Providing quick information on the subject.


The sort function of a list is activated when you hover over the column heading. An Up/Down arrow icon appears and sorts the list by this column with a click (↑), and sorts in the reverse order with a second click (↓).


Columns that can be filtered are underlined and have a drop-down icon indicator. When this icon is selected a list of all items in the column are listed and can easily be selected. You may also apply more than one filter from different columns.
Note: To remove the filter, select the blue filter at the top of the column, the column will revert to the list without the filter.

The search works through the entire table, and only the items that match the search will be displayed.

Customize Table

The table can easily be customized to only display columns that you need and in your preferred order. Select the pencil icon to open the menu that allows you to set the following options.

Hide/Show Columns

To hide or show a column, there is a eye icon next to each column heading. When this icon is selected the column will be hidden and listed at the bottom of the list under HIDDEN. By selecting this icon again, it will be displayed and listed back in the SHOWN section of the list.

Change the Column Order

To modify the order of the columns that display, simply select the = icon to the right of the column heading and drag to the order that you prefer.