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Poly Lens Relay Ports and Protocols

Ports and Protocols for Poly Lens Relay

Poly Lens Relay diagram from Poly Lens Cloud to an endpoint with Poly Lens Relay

Poly Lens Relay Internal

Source/DestinationTypePortPurposeProtocolSecurityRelay Service
Poly Devices <--> RelayTCP8443Device provisioning & Software UpgradeHTTPSTLS 1.2Policy Services & Software Update
Relay <--> DNS ServerTCP53Network Lookup (If internal source is used)DNS-DNS
Relay <--> NTP ServerUDP123Time Synchronization (If internal source is used)NTP-NTP
Poly Devices <--> RelayTCP443Device API MessagingHTTPSTLS 1.2Diagnostic Services
Management/Installation PC <--> RelayTCP5050Web Server for Initial SetupHTTPSTLS 1.2Diagnostic Services
Management/Installation PC <--> RelayTCP22SSH - Relay Management & SupportSSHTLS 1.2Diagnostic Services

Lens Relay Outbound

DestinationTypePortPurposeProtocolSecurityService provisioningMQTTTLS 1.2IoT Azure IoT hubTCPTLS 1.2IoT container registryTCPTLS 1.2Core Services
lensiotprodacr.azurecr.ioTCP443Personal & 3rd party container registriesTCPTLS 1.2Core Services
acr.lens.poly.comTCP443Container registryTCPTLS 1.2Core Services 1.2Core Services
datadoghq.comTCP443Datadog loggingTCPTLS 1.2Core Services
*.agent.datadoghq.comTCP443Datadog health monitoringTCPTLS 1.2Core Services
api.datadoghq.comTCP443Datadog logging APITCPTLS 1.2Core Services
* 1.2Core Services
registry-1.docker.ioTCP443Docker registryTCPTLS 1.2Core Services
auth.docker.ioTCP443Docker registryTCPTLS 1.2Core Services
* registryTCPTLS 1.2Core Services
*.t-0009.fdv2-t-msedge.netTCP443Azure File ServicesTCPTLS 1.2Core Services
star-azurefd-prod.trafficmanager.netTCP443Azure Traffic Load BalancingTCPTLS 1.2Core Services UploadsHTTPSTLS 1.2Diagnostic Services
<uniqueid> Policy & Provisioning FilesHTTPSTLS 1.2Policy Services
swupdate.lens.poly.comTCP443Device SoftwareHTTPSTLS 1.2Software Update