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Lens Relay Integration into Poly Lens

Each relay has a distinct Poly Lens Device ID (serial number). After installing the relay image, this deviceId must be entered into the Poly Lens Account claiming tenant in order to generate a Poly Lens Access Key and, ultimately, register the relay.

  1. Back in Poly Lens, select ACCOUNT menu > Manage All Accounts.
  2. Select the Account to associate the Relay.
  3. Select Poly Lens Relay from the side menu.

Poly Lens Relay Register page

  1. Enter (Register) the Relay information. Note: The Poly Lens Device ID is required.

  2. To get the Poly Lens Relay Device ID – there are two options to do this:

Option 1:

  • From the Support Tools menu, select Simple Webserver option, and select OK.
  • Use a wev browser to access the web page using the URL: http://(ip-address-of-relay):5050/ez.

VM app Support Tools - Simple Webserver selected

  • From the web page copy the Poly Lens Relay Device ID and paste it into the Poly Lens portal.
    Note: You can also paste the Poly Lens Access Key from the Poly Lens portal to the relay.

Web interface page displaying the Poly Lens Device ID and Poly Lens Access Key

Option 2:

You can also copy and paste the Poly LENS device ID and Poly LENS Access key using Putty through SSH, using the session configuration below:

  • SSH into the Poly Lens Relay using the poly account. If you are using the Putty application, make sure to set the Selection configuration options for System clipboard under the Assign copy/paste actions to clipboards options:

Putty app - Options controlling copy and past configuration

Displays how copy and past function now works

  1. Select Get Access Key in the Poly Lens Access Key field.
    Note: This option is enabled when the Poly Lens Device ID is entered.

Poly Lens Relay page with Get Access Key displaying

  1. Copy the Poly Lens Access Key that is displayed, with the copy icon.

Graphic of the Poly Lens Access Key field with key example

  1. Select Register Device before leaving this window.
    Note: This is required to complete the registration. When the Poly Lens Relay is successfully registered, you will see a popup notification like below:

Popup message stating that Poly Lens Relay is registered

  1. Paste the copied Poly Lens Access Key into the corresponding thinshell menu on the device. Note: You may need to SSH into the Poly Lens Relay as poly user and paste the Poly Lens Access Key.
    Using Putty as configured in step 3, use the Ctrl+Shift+V keys and paste the Poly Lens Access Key into the thinshell, then move the cursor to OK and press Enter.

Lens Tenant Symmetric Key window displaying the Key and selecting OK to enter the key