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Device Site Association with a Subnet Range

To assist you in onboarding and managing a large number of video and voice endpoints, Poly Lens has provided an option that allows you to define public and private IP subnet ranges for a Site. Once this is defined, any device that is onboarded that falls into these subnet ranges will be automatically associated with this Site. Note: To be more flexible within your network, additional subnet ranges can be set for the Site.

  1. Select Manage > Sites.
  2. Select a Site from the list.
  3. Select the Settings side tab.
  4. Select Device Association.
  5. Select an option to determine when the subnet rules apply.
    • Automatically update device site association (Recommended). Note: Current assigned devices will update Site association on IP change. Not all devices have an IP address.
    • Update device site association only for newly onboarded and unassigned devices.
  6. Enter a Public Subnet.
  7. Optionally, enter Private Subnets.
  8. Add an additional subnet range, if needed.
  9. Select Apply.

Note: If you enter a subnet range that conflicts with another Site's Subnet range, an error message will display. Subnet ranges that overlap with a Subnet range set on the same Site or with another Site are not allowed.