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Clariti License Management

In Poly Lens Clariti Licensing, you can set up and manage your Poly Clariti Licenses.
Note: See your license agreement for complete details about your licenses.


The Setup page allows you to activate a license for your Poly Clariti product. See Activate a License for detailed information.

Purchased Products

The Purchased Products page allows you to add and manage Poly Clariti products. Select a product link to view all the product information and the entitlements associated with the product.


The Entitlements page displays all entitlements that have been enabled. Select an entitlement link to view detailed information about the entitlement. Note: The Support Expires field displays the date that product support expires for perpetual licenses.

Access Tokens

The Access Tokens page lists all current tokens and allows you to add new or remove tokens from the list. A token is required to complete setup of a Poly Clariti standard mode license with automatic license refresh.

License Keys

The License Keys page displays all the Clariti licenses that have been activated in the Poly Lens account.

Product Catalog

The Product Catalog page lists all Poly Clariti products. Select a product from the list to open an overview of the product. Here you can select a product version, and view and download the product's artifacts.