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Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQ will address some basic questions regarding Poly Lens.

Can a device be registered to Poly Lens for Insights, as well as an alternate service for Device Management?Yes. The device can support dual registration for Poly Insights, that is separate from a Poly service or 3rd party provided management service (e.g. Zoom or Poly RPRM).
Can a device be registered to both Poly Lens and Poly RPRM for Device Management services at the same time?Yes. However, if the provisioning flag is checked in the device configuration, then only a single Device Management service can be used (RPRM or Lens).
Can the device be registered to Zoom Device Management (ZDM), and Poly Lens for Device Management?Yes. A device can be registered to Poly Lens for both Insights and Device Management services, while simultaneously being registered to ZDM.
Can I shift Device Management from one provisioning service to another?Yes. A Poly device can be migrated from Poly RPRM to Poly Lens and vice versa, via a reset.