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Partner Integrations

Poly is continuously expanding the Poly Lens Partner Ecosystem so that you can get the most value from your Poly portfolio. Poly Lens partners are third-party companies that have integrated Poly Lens APIs into their platforms. They use Poly Lens and Poly Devices data to provide insights into various aspects of the Hybrid Work model on their platforms:

  • Smart Building Management
  • Space Utilization Analytics
  • UCaaS Monitoring

Easily plug data from your Poly Lens Account (tenant) into third-party platforms of your choice by following the following steps:

  • Create API credentials in Poly Lens by navigating to Account > Manage All Accounts > Select Account > Integrations > API > Add New API Connection.
  • Name your new API Connection and set the desired permission level.
  • Add your Poly Lens API credentials (Client ID and Secret) to a supported third-party platform of your choice.

For detailed information on how to set up an API connection, see API Integrations.

Access to premium features using the Poly Lens Management and Insights API requires Poly+ Enterprise Poly Premiere icon or Elite service agreements. For a complete list of premium features that you can access in the Poly Lens portal or by using the Poly Lens Management and Insights API, see Poly+ and Poly + Enterprise Features Features. Partner subscriptions may also be required to leverage Poly Lens APIs on partner platforms.

Poly Lens Intergrations API page

See the following sections for additional partner information: