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Version 1.0

Access the Public Preview of Poly Lens Web App for Google ChromeOS:

Welcome to the public preview of the Poly Lens Web App, a progressive web app that’s supported with Google Chrome. Poly Lens Web App enables you to configure and manage supported HP-Poly audio and video devices. You can also use Poly Lens Web App to enhance your work environment and set health and wellness reminders.

For the best Poly Lens Web App experience, use Google Chrome, which provides full support of the application. Although you may use any standard web browser, Poly Lens Web App features may not be as robust as they are on Google Chrome.

Version 1.0 is the first release of the Poly Lens Web App. For information about using Poly Lens Web App, see the Poly Lens Web Application Online Help.

What’s New

  • Helpful tips and feature overviews for first-time users
  • Customizable hydration and vision break reminders
  • Integrated self-help guides that include best practices for headsets, cameras, and desk ergonomics
  • Personal soundscapes that include waterfalls, streams, and forests
  • Connect device option to HID (browser) and inventory of currently connected and previously connected devices
  • Browser notifications and device alerts
  • Insights – run network diagnostic test (beta)
  • In-app camera preview with support for pan, zoom, snapshot, and grid overlay
  • In-app configurations of camera controls, including brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, white balance, tracking modes, zoom, and more
  • In-app links to supporting device documentation, including quick start guides and user guides with access to Poly support
  • Diagnostics – download application logs
  • Device diagnostics, including product ID, software version, serial number, and device logs
  • Single sign-on (SSO) support for Microsoft, Google, and Apple
  • Chrome support for Poly headsets:
    • Poly Blackwire 3315
    • Poly Blackwire 3320
    • Poly Blackwire 3325
    • Poly Blackwire 5210 USB
    • Poly Blackwire 5220 USB
    • Poly Blackwire 8225 USB
    • Poly EncorePro 320 USB (Stereo)
    • Poly EncorePro 545 USB
    • Poly EncorePro 715 USB (Monaural)
    • Poly EncorePro 725 USB (Stereo)
    • Poly EncorePro HW520
  • Chrome support for Poly USB video devices:
    • Poly Studio P5
    • Poly Studio P15
  • Compatible with Chrome:
    • Poly Voyager Bluetooth Headsets (select models only)
    • Poly Sync 10
    • Poly Adapters (BT700, DA75, MDA524)

Known Issues

  • After a sleep or suspend cycle, some devices (for example, Poly EncorePro 515) accept settings changes for a short time, then revert to the previous settings.
    • Workaround: Refresh the user interface.

Known Limitations

Known limitations of other products may cause interoperability issues with the Poly Lens Web App.

  • Poly EncorePro 7xx displays 0 for the software version. EncorePro 7xx has no firmware updates scheduled at this time.