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Version 1.1.21

What’s New

  • Added macOS Monterey Support
  • Added Support for Camera Flip/Mirror setting for Poly Studio P15

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue with accessing Camera Controls for Poly Video USB devices
  • Fixed an issue with Clear Trusted Devices setting for Poly Headsets
  • Fixed an issue with DA80 peripheral notification to update to the same firmware version
  • Fixed an issue with Poly Blackwire 3320 Mute Reminder/Time-base setting
  • Fixed an issue with Poly Voyager 4300 Series with adding Incoming Call Alert setting
  • Fixed an issue with Poly BT700 Update option missing when paired with a Poly Headset
  • Fixed issues with Poly Sync 20 when updating device firmware over USB and BT600
  • Fixed issues with Poly Savi 7300 settings (added Reset Device/Restore Defaults and Headset to PC Link)