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Did the customers win when Poly and Pexip decided to partner?

The measure of success for the HP Poly and Pexip partnership, formed just about one year ago, comes down to one thing: customer value.

In May 2023, we announced a strategic alliance between our two companies, one that would enable Poly customers to continue using their existing Poly video systems to connect to any type of meeting (whether Teams, Zoom, or other) thanks to Pexip’s video technology.

The result? A series of Poly video conferencing solutions powered by Pexip: Poly PrivateConnect, Poly CloudConnect, and Poly FedConnect were created. But the real result is, according to our shared measuring stick, how the customers were able to reap value from this alliance.

Here’s what customers did when Poly and Pexip partnered…

An international defense alliance required a secure meeting solution that could comply with their strict requirements for privacy, control, and flexibility. This organization opted for Poly PrivateConnect powered by Pexip, which gives them the ability to self-host their meetings on their own terms and control the storage and flow of data from their video meetings.

A European energy company with 60,000+ employees is using Poly PrivateConnect powered by Pexip to build a communications platform for their entire group of daughter companies, including 2,000 secure virtual meeting rooms, in addition to interoperability to Teams.

A university located in North America was focused on ensuring that they could deliver remote education to anyone, anywhere - securely. They opted for Pexip PrivateConnect powered by Pexip to provide a collaborative remote higher education program to their students.

“We see a great response from customers over the last year. Because of this partnership, we have retained 81 percent of our customer base by moving them to the Pexip platform, ensuring that they can continue using their Poly devices to connect to any meeting. These customers have benefited from an even better user experience, with more features and capabilities, along with improved performance on their existing systems and important security enhancements,” says Rory Ferguson, Senior Product Manager, HP Poly.

What are the key benefits for customers offered by Poly and Pexip?

  • Security: To meet compliance and regulatory requirements of customers, Poly PrivateConnect powered by Pexip offers the ability to operate in private cloud or on-premises with customization options and strict security protocols.

  • Interoperability: For customers seeking flexibility, scalability and customization capabilities when joining different types of meetings, like Teams or Google Meet, Poly CloudConnect powered by Pexip has been meeting the interoperability needs of customers industries such as healthcare, education, and financial services.

  • FedRAMP Authorized: Poly entered an entirely new space thanks to the Pexip partnership, creating a product for government customers who need to comply with cloud mandates. The net new product is called Poly FedConnect powered by Pexip, and it’s designed specifically for the U.S. government.

What’s next?

“Together, we offer a comprehensive product and solution portfolio with even more features and more flexibility than before, and we’re not stopping there. We are now co-developing applications to support meeting management at the HP device level, as well as advancing ‘any to any’ interoperability for purpose-built devices, all in an effort to continually raise the bar in terms of the user experience and overall customer value,” says Trond Johannessen, CEO, Pexip.

As active partners, Pexip and HP Poly have a few things up their sleeves. The two companies will be together at InfoComm 2024 this June, where they will reveal the latest developments in the Poly Connect product line. Get in touch if you want to find out what we’re up to...