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Migrate Devices from PDMS-E to Poly Lens

Devices currently pointing to PDMS-E for management and provisioning has a set of parameters configured for it. In this process, the devices will now need to point to Poly Lens instead of PDMS-E.

To migrate the Devices from PDMS-E to Poly Lens, there are the following options:

Create a Configuration Profile to Redirect Devices to your Poly Lens Accounts

After the Poly Lens environment is setup, return to PDMS-E where your Devices are located.

PDMS-E Dashboard, Profile Configuration page

  1. Create a new Profile with a distinctive name that will be used to redirect your Devices.

  2. Add the following Custom Field parameters.

    • "prov.server.mode" – Manual
    • "prov.server.type" - HTTPS

    Add the following parameters from the Poly Lens Device Provisioning page (Go to Account menu > Manage Accounts).

    • "prov.url" - the Provisioning Server Address
    • "prov.username" - the Server User
    • "prov.password" - the Server Password
  3. Click Save.

  4. Apply to either the device or group of devices that you are migrating.